Why does anyone like Michael Flatley?

Okay, I'm sorry. This is just bugging me WAY too much. Michael Flatley, for those who don't know, is a famous Irish dancer, who used to be on Riverdance. Why are there Michael Flatley fanclubs and such? The guy is a jerk. He was kicked off of Riverdance, because he wanted more credit and more money. Riverdance claims it was because of "creative differences," but his own agent said it was about credit and money. Then he went off and humbly started "Lord of the Dance." Whom did he star as? The Lord of the Dance.

The man is an egotistical loser. Just look at him as he dances. What a brat. The smug little face makes you want to puke. Sure, he can dance, but then why doesn't he? I'm not kidding. In Riverdance, Jean Butler dances. I admire Jean Butler, and I love her dancing, and she's practically my dancing role model. But Michael Flatley sits there showing how many taps he can fit into a minute. WITHOUT MUSIC! You can't stepdance, without steps. You can't have steps without a form. Be it reel, hornpipe, light jig, slip jig, whatever, there needs to be a form. Even sets and ceilidhs have forms. Michael Flatley doesn't have any form to his dance. And what makes his so special that he doesn't have to keep his arms down? Why can he flail them around like some sort of a tap-dancer/Scottish Highland dancer? Jean Butler moves hers a tiny bit, mostly only putting them on her hips, which is actually OCCASIONALLY acceptable in hardshoe jigs, even in good old, traditional, competitive Irish dancing. But Michael Flatley looks like he thinks that that characteristic rule of Irish dancing was never invented.

Why does anyone like him? Why is he so special? He's not even good looking. I'm so glad they've replaced him in Riverdance. Go away, Michael Flatley.


MrsBugg said…
I love Jean Butler!! She is my favorite Irish Dancer!!

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